Sunny Isles Beach, Miami: Florida’s Premier Place for Real Estate Investment


Planning to invest on some real estate? The Sunny Isles Beach in Miami, Florida is a very good place to consider. It is known for the beautiful beaches, which is also considered to be the best among the others in Miami and of course, all over the world. In fact, it is number 5 on the list of Top 10 Beach Cities by National Geographic.

Also called as ‘Florida’s Riviera, the ambience of this place is also fantastic, as it is less crowded unlike the other popular beaches, Miami Beach and South Beach. It has the Atlantic Ocean on the east, and has the Intra-coastal Waterway on the west-side. The atmosphere is somewhat causal, just the perfect place for people to chill and enjoy.

Towering condominiums, high-quality hotels and resorts, luxurious infrastructures, and pristine beaches are just a few awesome sights in Sunny Isles. With clean surroundings and high-rise buildings, this area is surely very relaxing, and a great choice when you’re looking for the perfect place to invest in.

Growing Number People

As per the last population survey by the United States Census Bureau, it has 20, 832 residents in 2010. The place is also coined as the “Little Moscow” because of the large and growing number of Russian and Russian-Jewish people.

Since a lot of people are coming to spend vacation, or even to stay for good, investing in a place where the population is increasing consistently would be a good decision.

More people would mean that the trading and over-all economy of the place is quite remarkable. Residents of the place usually come from the different races such as Russian, Italian, Polish, Colombian, Brazilian, American, Irish, and German.

Interesting Places and Events

Get your eyes ready to feast on the luxurious, homey, and highly rated buildings and resorts. A few of these are known to tourists for their commendable accommodation and service.

Trump International Beach Resort is one of the great must-visit resorts, as it boasts not only of its popularity, but also with their superb service, which would always have the customers leaving satisfied. There’s also the Acqualina Resort and Spa on the Beach, Sole on the Ocean, Marenas Beach Resort, and Golden Strand Ocean Villa Resort.

There are also plenty of restaurants around the place, which are known for their food and service. There are also beautiful parks around, and you can also engage in water sports, and enjoy the nightlife with popular bars and a very festive environment.

The place also boasts of a number of piers, which also offers good amenities, including the Beach Bar – Newport Pier, which is famous for their seafood, steak, and sushi. If you want to spend some time fishing, you can check Newport Fishing Pier. There’s also the Pier Park, which will let you have a great view of the ocean and offers variety of seafood dishes.

Being in this place would never leave you bored as there are many areas to visit and events to attend to, so imagine how it would be like if you are finally staying for good, in the comfort of your own home in a nice place such as Sunny Isles Beach.

Extravagant Buildings

High-end brands that are globally known have collaborated with local developers to build some of the most luxurious buildings and condominiums, which are not only famous locally, but in Florida as well.

A few examples of such buildings is the $560 million Porsche Design Tower, which has 132 exclusive residences with complete facilities. This building is unique, being the first one to have an elevator specifically for every car unit. Your garage will be high up in the sky, overlooking the Atlantic, and seen through an exquisite glass elevator. This ultra-luxurious building is set to be completed by the year 2016.

The Residences by ARMANI CASA is also included, where the construction began early 2015. It will be offering world-class services and will be fully equipped with furnished residences, restaurants, private cabanas, spa and fitness centers, all that in front of a beautiful ocean scenery.

Tropical-Monsoon Climate

The weather is just perfect. During the summer season, the weather is usually hot and humid. Winter season is usually short, warm and dry. This type of climate is very essential for beaches since people can enjoy the waters without worrying of sudden rainfall. The place experiences abundant rainfall usually from the months of May until October.

Hassle-Free Transportation

It is an ideal location – situated just between two airports: the Miami and the Fort Lauderdale International Airports. The local government also offers shuttle transport that’s free of charge all over the town, and would make various stops the whole day.

Excellent Educational Facilities

This place is not only all about the beautiful beach; there are also various schools, which offer education for residents and even from neighboring communities. Norman S. Edelcup Sunny Isles Beach (K-8 Center) is an institution which offers education from Kindergarten until Grade 8.

Highland Oaks Middle School is for Grades 6 to 8. For high school, there’s the Alonzo & Tracy Mourning Senior High Biscayne Bay Campus and Dr. Michael M. Krop High School. Florida International University is also available for the higher education, as well as the University of Miami, Miami-Dade College, and the Barry University.


Even if you’re just spending a few days or so in this place to have fun on your vacation, it’s definitely the right place to go to, how much more if it already involves long-term stay. There are a lot of advantages if you’ll invest in some real estate in this place, and with thorough consideration and research, you can come up with a decision which will be good for you (and your money!)

Land for Sale in Thailand

Thailand is an excellent holiday destination that offers you with enormous sightseeing options, exotic surroundings and luxurious places to stay. Pristine, peaceful, restive and grand, it attracts tourists in hordes every year. Thailand is a perfect blend of cosmopolitan culture with majestic locales. If you are looking for an investment in real estate you should invest in Thailand property. The topical climate, lush green flora, rare fauna, stunning scenic beauty, mouth-watering cuisine and above all extremely courteous people make Thailand a preferred destination from an investor’s point of view too.

When looking for land for sale in Thailand, you should first be clear about what type of property you are actually interested in. You may look at investing in a holiday home, villa, town home, commercial property etc depending on how you are planning to utilize the property. Thailand has lately become a hot real estate investment destination mainly because the real estate prices are still lot lower than any European or American destination. Secondly, Suvarnabhumi-Bangkok International Airport has made international air travel to Thailand more conducive than before. Thirdly, it has an impressive rental potential thanks to the huge tourist turnover every year.

For any foreigner who is looking for buying land in Thailand he may do so by either of the two options: leasehold or freehold. Foreigners are generally comfortable by investing in condominiums, i.e. out of the total condo units in any building where you are looking to invest, foreigners may own 49% and Thais own 51%. Condominiums come under the category of a freehold property and with proper assistance from a professional lawyer it is possible to own the land completely too.

While buying a condominium it is advisable to check the following as safety measures:

• Title check to ensure that you are buying legal land from a legal owner.

• Have your lawyer draw up a purchase contract.

• Negotiate the payment of the transfer fee and decide the amount that would be paid by you and the amount that would be paid by the seller at the time of sale.

For a leasehold property, a 30 year lease would be mandatory on the home you wish to lease and a renewal would be required after the aforesaid period. Alternatively, you may also hold a 30 year lease on a plot of land and construct a house on it and rent it out. In such cases the ownership of the house stays yours and the land continues to be leased. Later if you wish to sell the house you may do so too. If your buyer is a citizen of Thailand you get to sell the land along with the house. If not then the lease on the land continues and the house owner changes.

In spite of Thailand having the best of infrastructure and living amenities, the cost of living in Thailand is quite low. This is another reason that has made Thailand a hot destination for investing in land here.

The Morvacations Review – Is Morvacations Legitimate?

Is Legitimate? would seem to offer the opportunity to save cash by joining their community. As a member, you’re expected to be given contact to thousands of vacation spots all over the globe. This includes condominiums, sky rises, resorts, and other vacation homes of your choosing.

At $149 per week, entitles you to the vacation home you wish to occupy. They claim to offer lavish vacations at a fraction of the prices existing to the public and that you are going to be able to save a lot of money while on vacation by utilizing their service.

How Much Does It Cost To Become a Member?

Membership to depends on which package you choose. There are 2 types of packages you can decide from that are made accessible for you as soon as you visit their site. The first being the Emerald package, priced at $998, and the second being the Diamond package, priced at $1998.

For credit card payments, there is a payment of $100 on top of the package fee for the Diamond package. Their bestseller is the Diamond Package, that reportedly does not involve any payments for renewal fees and entitles you to lifetime access, while the Emerald package includes a renewal fee that you will have to pay once every three years.

In addition, there is also the VIP service package, which is optional and has to be renewed every year, that gives you some extra features. This is priced at $149 per year.

The Packages That Offers…

As advertised on the site, the following packages are listed below.

The Emerald Package includes:

– $149 Hot Weeks at hundreds of resorts

– All inclusive resort access

– Discounts on hotels and cruises

– Travel package discounts

– Guest Weeks

– Upgradeable to Diamond

The Diamond Package, inclusive of everything that’s in the Emerald package plus:

o 1st year VIP access now included

o Transferable to other people

o Lifetime membership

The optional VIP package includes:

– Live Vacation Concierge Service via a toll free phone number

– Access to 24 Hour Emergency Service while on vacation

– Access to a personal travel consultant who can attend to all the details of your vacation

– Multiple destination trips, with activities and attractions along the way

– Special Arrangements, family reunions, all inclusive / cruise / flight / rental combinations made easy with VIP treatment

– Vacation and Trip Insurance plans

The Review appears to offer magnificent destinations at cheap prices, with no blackout dates.

They claim to have access to over 250,000 vacation homes in different countries and only ask you to concern about the plane tickets as they will take care of the accommodations.

Considering the high membership cost you should use caution and ask around before committing to this venture to be certain that you are going to receive the best deal for your needs. It is always a smart idea to compare prices on anything before you buy.

Are you a member of Tell us what you feel about their rates and services. Please feel free to post your observations and your own review below…

Carrera – Exclusive Parkside Apartments in Richmond

Carrera is a new complex consisting of park side apartments in the exclusive area of central Richmond in BC. These small but luxurious apartments are a beacon of luxury situated right in the heart of the city.

One would not have to travel too far to see why these apartments are termed as “park side” as the units are located right next to the beautiful Minoru Park in Richmond. This recreational parkland is a place that has to be seen to be believed. You’ll see wildlife, waterfalls, wide open green areas, a chapel where people get married and plenty of spaces for the children to play.

Also, right on the doorstep of the Carrera apartments you will discover more than 240 stores and services at the Richmond Centre. Here, patrons can enjoy fine dining, shopping at many exclusive stores, being entertained at the Gateway Theatre or just simply having a spot of lunch with friends.

The Canada Line Trans Link (skytrain) service is nearby, so getting to the outskirts of Vancouver and beyond is easy enough but if you prefer you could just walk up the road to the Minoru Aquatic Centre and Arenas. In fact, whatever your lifestyle choice, living here at the Carrera Parkside Apartments you will enjoy a wide range of things to do and be entertained.

The views from the apartments are also majestic; look beyond some of the apartment windows and you will see vast green spaces, the North Shore Mountains in the distance and some vibrant city life.

So, what’s it like inside these sumptuous apartments? Once you walk in to one of these residences, you will never want to leave. There are air-conditioned rooms throughout, bathrooms made from imported marble, cabinets that are top-of-the range and white goods that are branded by the very best in kitchen appliances. This means you will have the very best eye-level cooker, a top-of-the range refrigerator, easy-to-use washing machine and a dishwasher too. All kitchens are designed in the classic European style.

There are also several amenities that the residences can share on site. These are designed so that the people that live here can work out and socialize together. You will find a fully equipped fitness suite, just perfect for that morning run should it be too cold to run around the park, an outdoor spa and top-of-the-range barbecue to sizzle your meat in the summer with friends.

Carrera is one of the lastest condo project developed by Polygon.