Things To Consider When Hiring a Maid Service Provider

Home cleaning is a never-ending chore that takes up much of our free time. Hence for those whose life revolves around vacuuming, dusting, mopping floors, and changing bed linens, the best option would be to hire a cleaning service.

Maid services are run by trained professional house cleaners and they offer a wide variety of options to choose. These include:

· One-time assistance on special occasions

· Regularly scheduled biweekly cleanings

· Regularly scheduled weekly cleanings

· Demanding cleaning tasks such as basement or garage cleaning

Cleaning Service Options

One easy way to find the best qualified, prescreened specialists for your project is scouring through online referral services. The added advantage of majority of these professional cleaning services is that they are fully insured and bonded and also provide estimates. The typical services provided by these service providers include:

· Cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms

· Cleaning and sanitizing kitchen areas

· Loading dishwashers

· Changing bed linens

· Vacuuming

· Dusting

Some other services that could be included are:

· Cleaning light fixtures

· Upholstery cleaning

· Polishing woodwork

· Window cleaning

· Moving furniture

· Drapery cleaning

· Carpet cleaning

· Floor waxing

· Laundry

For larger jobs like post-moving or construction clean-up, garage cleaning, there are special house cleaning services.

Hence, for a smooth hiring of cleaning service, the following steps will be helpful.

1. Interview several cleaning services before choosing one.

Interview several companies and then go for the cleaning service provider that matches your needs. In this regard, checking references will come handy. As these people will have access to your entire home, it is necessary to have trust on them.

2. Ask who will supply the cleaning equipment.

Usually the cleaning person or team comes to your home along with the required supplies such as brushes, brooms, cleaning solvents and vacuums. Sometimes, they may make use of the homeowner’s supplies.

3. Designate areas to be cleaned.

Spend some time to note the areas in your home that should be included in the scheduled cleaning service. There may be areas that need special attention each time and it is important for the service provider to accept your requests before getting down to the job.

4. Find out about any specific charge to your kind of residence.

The cleaning service depends on the kind of residence you own. You should consider the following points in this regard.

Apartments and condominiums being multi-unit dwellings, there may be need for special clearance to enter the building or complex by the service provider.

Usually there are direct exterior entrances for duplexes and town homes and getting parking space for the service provider may be an issue.

5. Discuss payment ahead of time.

It is wiser to discuss payment arrangements before the actual start of the first cleaning. There may be an established system in place with the service provider. If not, discus the mode payment you should make.