Should You Consider Home Staging Certification?

There are many successful home stagers that are not certified and do quite well. Typically, they have been professionally staging homes for a while and have developed a list of realty clientele who utilize their services on a regular basis. If you are fortunate to be amongst this group of professional home stagers, then obtaining certification is probably not on the top of your priority list. However, if you are fairly new to the home staging business, just starting out or haven’t been able to develop a large customer base, professional certification may be something you should consider.Obtaining certification credentials will identify you as a professional, a master of your trade with the expertise to get the job done. Realtors look to home stagers as a way to boost their showings to sales conversions. If a realtor has never used a home staging service before, presenting as a certified specialist in the area will gain you additional credibility. Just as home inspectors have become the trusted standard to use in evaluating the worthiness of the purchase price; accredited home staging professionals are becoming the standard that realtors look to for moving homes on the market.National statistics show that a home that has been staged by a professional will generate sales quicker than homes shown without staging. Most realtors are aware of these stats and will often resort to a professional home staging enterprise to turn the properties they list. Additionally, many home stagers today were once realtors or had a real estate license and found that they were more suited to the home staging business. These former realtors took home staging courses and obtained their credentials as certified home staging professionals for a very specific reason. It is a very lucrative business with a high demand in the real estate market.Almost every profession has some level of accreditation available for those individuals who have attained a level of expertise in their field. Being certified as a home staging professional, like being certified as a benefits specialist or as an aesthetician, says you have the skills and abilities required to be able to perform the requirements of the job. If you had to hire someone for a job, and they were both offering you the same rate, who would you select? The one with certification as a home staging professional or the one without? Most realtors will turn to the certified professional before seeking anyone else.If you are currently doing well in your home staging business, perhaps you don’t require the additional boost to client generation that certification can bring. You might want to consider obtaining your credentials as a certified stager to bolster your already successful business. If you’re just starting out or need to increase your client base significantly, obtaining home staging certification is probably your best option.