Home Staging Career – Should You Consider it?

With problems constantly plaguing the economy, people are always looking for an alternative means of making money. For those who have a natural flair for artistic projects, the possibilities are endless.One of the most satisfying careers that has recently made a mark in the real estate business is home staging. A home stager’s goal is to get a home ready before it goes up for sale. As a home stager, you will help homeowners and home sellers sell homes for the highest price possible. To do this, the house must look and feel appealing for potential buyers to get attracted enough to buy it. That is your job as a home stager.When Did It Start?In 1972, American interior designer Barb Schwarz forayed into the real estate market when she realized that real estate agents needed a way to make properties more attractive. She then began teaching real estate agents and home sellers on how to “stage” homes to speed up and increase their sales.Schwarz certainly wasn’t the first person on earth to think up the idea of marketing a home by making it look better, but she was the one who coined the term ‘home staging.’ From the 1990s up, home staging veered off from realty as a separate career altogether. Since then, many professionals in the real estate business have considered home staging a necessity when selling property.How Much Do You Get From It?The profits you can get from home staging vary. Usually, home staging services are paid at an hourly rate of $70 to $200. Of course, this depends on your expertise and the name you have made for yourself in the business. A good thing to ask yourself is: How much effort are you willing to invest in this new career? Will you be working part-time or full-time? Will you stay focused on your goals as a professional home stager? Gauging from your answer, you will be able to figure out how much you will earn from this career.Also, money is not the only reward you can receive from this career. As a home stager, you will be able to follow your own schedule. You can choose to be more flexible, spend more time with your family, and take more vacations when you want to. And perhaps the best thing you can get from a career in home staging is that you will be doing something you like. That is, making money while being able to display your creative and artistic abilities.How Can I Become a Home Stager?Many companies selling expensive home staging courses say you have to be accredited to become a successful home stager. This is absolutely not true. All it takes for you to enter into this career is a natural talent in home designing, a knack for organizing, and a portfolio of your home design projects to convince your clients that you can help sell their homes.